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The best gift you can give your loved ones is a well-planned estate.

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Estate planning doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. We’ll help you create a comprehensive will, appraise and create an inventory of your estate, and develop strategies to ensure that your loved ones’ inheritance doesn’t get eaten up by taxes and fees.

  • Save thousands of dollars

    For your loved ones that would otherwise get eaten by fees and taxes

  • Talk to estate experts

    Get advice on trusts, living inheritances, and power of attorneys

  • Save multiple hours of paperwork

    So that you can spend that time with the people that truly matter instead

We're here to change the way estates are planned. Even the pricing.

Personalized estate plan

Here's how we help you

Personalized estate plan

  • Never lose sight of your goal with your personalized estate roadmap

  • Receive guidance and coaching from our estate professionals at every step of the way

  • Access a clear and visual distribution plan for your loved ones’ inheritances

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Clear Vault

ClearEstate vault ID

  • Our secure, online vault allows you to safely store important documents in one place

  • Executors can find everything they need here in minutes, eliminating the need to go hunting for documents or records

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Real-time Inventory of Assets & Liabilities

  • No more scrambling for receipts, notes, and other financial documents. Now it’s all in one place

  • We sync up with your bank and other financial institutions to allow you to see your assets in real time

  • Keep track of debts, high-value items, and personal property

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Unlimited Updates

Unlimited updates to your plan

  • Life is unpredictable, stuff happens. Your estate plan should be as dynamic as you are, so change it whenever you want

  • Additionally, we’ll conduct an annual review of your plan and suggest changes and improvements

  • Access your plan whenever it suits you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Traditional Way

  • Find attorneys to draft your will and power of attorney
  • In person meetings
  • Legal costs
  • Determine important files to keep
  • Organize files in safe location
  • Extra cost for safe location of documents
  • Identify your assets
  • Aggregrate and optimize your inventory
  • Manage all your dependents’ personal information
  • Identify executors and comminicaye your plan

ClearEstate Way

  • Dedicated support from an estate professional
  • Communicate via email, zoom, chat, phone, from your home
  • Easy transition to settlement
  • All information in one place
Estate for:
  • Individual
  • Couple


If you have a will and a simple to somewhat complex estate.

$ 588
$ 948


If you have a somewhat complex estate and you are looking to get your affairs in order.

$ 1,788
$ 2,988

Pricing - Annual Fees:

Annual Fees - Individual



Annual Fees - Couple



Planning Services Included

Dedicated Estate Professional
Review of information and documents to store

1x 30-min session

Up to 3x hour sessions

Estate Inventory
Guidance & recommendation on executor appointment
Will document prepared and stored in ClearEstate registry once executed
Power of Attorneys for Property and Personal Care prepared and stored in registry once executed
Affidavit of execution of will
Mailed Paper Version of your Estate Plan
30 minutes touchpoint sessions per year with your Estate Professional


Stored Original Will, POAs and affidavits
Complex needs (private corporations, complex distribution, multiple jurisdictions, inter-vivos Trusts, etc.)

Customized Add-On $

Online Tools Included:

Estate Planning Online Tool
Estate Planning Overview Dashboard
Estate Digital Vault (Financial Accounts, Profiles, Passwords, Cloud Storage Access etc.)
Online Access and Live support for your Executor or Power of Attorney for when the time comes
Online Family Tree
Digital Distribution & Liquidation Plan

*Subject to approval by the buy-now-pay-later financing provider. Certain conditions apply.
**Some estates are more complicated to settle than others. This is often the case when a trust has been established or if the property of the deceased is located in more than one jurisdiction or includes equity in a corporation, partnership or other legal body. If further to our review we believe that settling the estate requires additional, specific or more sophisticated professional services, we will mention it to you and we will suggest that you retain the services of third party professionals in order to settle the estate. We understand that you may however prefer that we continue to handle the settling of the estate for you. If that is the case, we will retain the services of professionals to address those specific issues. Additional fees will then apply. For more information, see our privacy policy and terms of use.

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"Working with ClearEstate has helped me so much. I felt at a complete loss when it came to all the paperwork and they accompanied me through it and made it feel easy."
Kimberley J., Estate Executrix, Saskatchewan
"We see so much usefulness in this platform - elegant, focused on the families, and a great vehicle for us to extend our offering and build long term relationships"
Todd L., Funeral Home Owner, Saskatchewan
"Thank you so much for your help. It takes a big weight off my shoulders. I’ve really appreciated your help and Thandy did a great job."
Robert E., Estate Administrator, Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions

How is ClearEstate different than my lawyer?

Through our platform and our team of professionals, we are able to lessen the administration hours and therefore save the estate from large settlement costs (incl legal fees). We also help you navigate the entire estate settlement process from beginning to end.

What is the digital vault and how do I or my loved ones access my plan?

ClearVault securely stores your will, POAs, financial account information, profiles and muchmore. The vault safeguards your information until you or your authorized loved ones need access. We will provide a secure vault ID and you can use that to access your plan anytime.

Can I update my estate plan after it is completed?

Yes, we provide continious access to the vault and exper assitance anytime you would like to update your estate plan.

I am trying to write a will. Can you help?

We do estate planning, and writing will is part of it of course. We offer a free 30-minute consultation with an Estate Specialist if you would like to discuss this matter.

What happens during a free consultation?

We offer a thirty minute free consultation with our estate experts. They will review your situation and make suggestions for the best path forward. It is a free consultation so you can choose to proceed with our services afterwards if you believe they are a good value or you can take the advice/information and go forward on your own

What languages do we serve in?

We serve in English and French

What exactly is an estate specialist and what qualifications do they have?

We have a team of estate administrators, lawyers and accountants to handle all of your needs, as well as developers who have built a series of tools to support estate settlement.