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ClearEstate Broadens Its Estate Settlement Services By Launching In New York

Spearheading its presence across the most populated U.S. states which currently includes Texas, California, Arizona, Nevada, and now New York

Posted on May 5, 2022
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NEW YORK, USA - May 3, 2022 - ClearEstate, the leading tech company of estate professionals dedicated to alleviating the procedural and emotional burdens of estate planning and settlement announced today that it has launched its services in New York. Residents can now benefit from the dynamic solutions ClearEstate has to offer through its team of estate professionals and cutting-edge technology. The state of New York is the fifth U.S. jurisdiction to launch ClearEstate with plans to broaden nationwide.

ClearEstate is designed to settle all your estate needs while keeping empathy and transparency at the forefront. Using a timely, convenient, and cost-effective approach, ClearEstate’s team of estate professionals and trustworthy technology allow them to get knee-deep into all the details of the estate settlement process, so estate executors or individuals handling the estate, don’t have to. No matter the size of the estate to be settled, ClearEstate guides its users through the entire process, including probate, saving estate executors up to 120 hours of time, and up to $8,500 in fees.

“As a company, we continue to expand our service offerings nationwide in a strategic, methodical way. We started on the west coast, recently added Texas, and the obvious next step was adding New York,” said Alex Gauthier, Chief Operating Officer at ClearEstate. “There are many families in this location in need of our services so we look forward to being able to help guide them through estate settlement so they can focus on themselves, their families, and the grieving process. Overall this is a huge step in the right direction for us as a company as we continue to expand across the country.”

ClearEstate digitizes the previously outdated estate settlement process, minimizing the need of upkeeping both print and digital documents, which is still a very common practice in New York. Estate executors can rest assured that while working with ClearEstate they will be assisted through the entire estate settlement process with full transparency to make it as seamless of a process as possible. On behalf of the estate executors, ClearEstate ensures all information is inputted correctly, applied to all documents, and accessible to the executor and all beneficiaries, reducing uncertainty or frustration.

In addition to New York, ClearEstate is available in Texas, California, Arizona, and Nevada following a $13.25M Series A earlier this year. Expansions into Florida and New Jersey are in motion, with plans to launch in those states in the upcoming months.

Packages for estate settlement planning start at $2,495 for executors or estate representatives. In addition, ClearEstate also offers estate planning and Professional Executor services.

For more information and packages, visit ClearEstate.com

About ClearEstate

ClearEstate offers technology-enabled services, designed to handle all your estate planning and settlement needs. No matter the size of the estate to be settled, their team of estate professionals use transparency and empathy to alleviate the procedural and emotional burdens of estate planning and settlement. Since 2020, ClearEstate has handled the heavy responsibilities facing estate executors to help guide them through the entire process, including probate, as efficiently as possible.