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You have an estate to settle? Let us help.

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We’re with you from beginning to end: from applying for probate and filing the right paperwork to taking care of taxes and closing the estate.

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Usually it takes an executor almost a year to settle an estate, with many just figuring it out as they go. We believe that it doesn’t have to be that way. With ClearEstate’s help, you can save:

  • Over 120 hours of paperwork
  • More than $8,500 in fees
  • Countless headaches and stress-induced nightmares

Estate Settlement can be complex. Let us take that burden off your shoulders and do all the heavy lifting for you.

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We're here to change the way estates are settled. Even the pricing.


Here's how we help you


  • Our handy probate checklist ensures you’re always on top of things
  • We’ll help you prepare an inventory of the estate and get through all the application paperwork.
  • Our intuitive dashboard helps you keep track of your progress
  • No will? No problem. We’ll help you navigate the rules of probate for estates without wills
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Automated Form Filling

Paperwork wizardry

  • We simplified all the form-filing and record-keeping by creating an autofill feature for most documents, one-click form submissions

  • Our nifty activity log makes record-keeping a breeze

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Inheritance Calcultor

Cost estimates and inheritance calculator

  • You don’t need an accountant for simpler calculations. ClearEstate helps you keep track of fees and expenses

  • Our inheritance calculator lets everyone see exactly who gets what after all loose ends are tied up

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Accessible Inventory

Accessible inventory

  • No more scrambling for receipts, notes, and other financial documents. Keep track of the entire estate, including debts, real estate, cash, pension plans, and personal property

  • Executors and beneficiaries have access to this inventory

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Beneficiary Portal

Beneficiary Portal

  • Our beneficiary portal allows all authorized parties to follow the estate settlement progress in real time and rest easy knowing that there are written records of all communications.

  • The transparent nature of the portal helps avoid misunderstandings, frustrations, and hurt feelings.

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Digital vault

Digital documents vault

  • Our digital vault ensures that every communication, transaction, and documents pertaining to the estate are kept in a safe place where only relevant parties can access them.


Estate distribution

  • ClearEstate creates a clear distribution plan for the estate’s assets according to the will and your area of jurisdiction

  • Once that’s done, we’ll help you send off the right paperwork to properly close the estate.

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Traditional Way

  • Find and hire an attorney
  • In person meetings
  • Costly probate application
  • 10 to 25 hours and extra costs of additional support
  • Find and hire a tax accountant
  • Extra costs to file taxes

ClearEstate Way

  • Dedicated support from an estate professional
  • Communicate via email, zoom, chat, phone, from your home
  • Complete end-to-end support
  • Online dashboard for all stakeholders


For executors or estate representatives seeking support settling their estate

$ 2,995 Interest-free payments also available
$ Interest-free payments also available


For executors or estate representatives seeking support settling their estate

$ 4,295 Interest-free payments also available
$ Interest-free payments also available


For executors or estate representatives who want total peace of mind

$ 7,388 Interest-free payments also available
$ Interest-free payments also available

Pricing Options:


No will or invalid will

Additional $650 or $55/mo for 12 months

Additional $650 or $55/mo for 12 months

Additional $650 or $55/mo for 12 months

Services Included:

Dedicated Estate Professional
Probate application

Judicial process whereby the representative of the estate and the will, if there is one, is validated

1 jurisdiction

1 jurisdiction

2 jurisdictions

Automated form filing
Document notarization

Applicable for virtual notarizations only

2 notarizations

2 notarizations

10 notarizations

Continued support after probate

When we say end-to-end estate settlement process, we mean it.

Online Tools

Executor Companion Tool
Estate Overview Dashboard
Estate Accounting Dashboard
Dedicated online chat for estate members and professionals
Beneficiary Portal

Assets & Liabilities

Inventory of assets and liabilities
Discovery of assets & liabilities

Guided by ClearEstate

Guided by ClearEstate

Guided by ClearEstate

Representation with financial institutions

up to 50h for notifications & follow-ups

Representation with other 3rd parties

up to 25h + 2 written follow-ups/each

Data entry
Asset liquidation

Guided by ClearEstate

Guided by ClearEstate

Initiated by ClearEstate

Other Services

Tax filings

Year of death, estate tax return and clearance

Estate transaction report

Available where online access is permitted by the financial institution

*Subject to approval by the buy-now-pay-later financing provider. Certain conditions apply.
**Some estates are more complicated to settle than others. This is often the case when a trust has been established; if the property of the deceased is located in more than one jurisdiction; if the assets of the deceased includes equity in a corporation, partnership or other legal body; or if the estate is settled in a jurisdiction where the law requires the services of an attorney. If further to our review we believe that settling the estate requires additional, specific or more sophisticated professional services, we will mention it to you and we will suggest that you retain the services of third party professionals in order to settle the estate. We understand that you may however prefer that we continue to handle the settling of the estate for you. If that is the case, we will retain the services of professionals to address those specific issues. Additional fees will then apply. For more information, see our privacy policy and terms of use.

Most executors figure it out as they go.

We’ve figured it out for you.

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"Working with ClearEstate has helped me so much. I felt at a complete loss when it came to all the paperwork and they accompanied me through it and made it feel easy."
Kimberley J., Estate Executrix, Saskatchewan
"Thank you so much for your help. It takes a big weight off my shoulders. I’ve really appreciated your help and Thandy did a great job."
Robert E., Estate Administrator, Ontario
"We see so much usefulness in this platform - elegant, focused on the families, and a great vehicle for us to extend our offering and build long term relationships"
Todd L., Funeral Home Owner, Saskatchewan

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a lawyer for the estate to probate the will?

Legally, no, you do not need a lawyer to do the probate application, though it's actually really hard to fill it out without an experienced professional. That's one of the things that ClearEstate helps executors with.

Our experienced Estate Administrators will support you through the estate settlement process and prepare your probate application. If the circumstances require, we may have an estate attorney review the application, before submitting it.

What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process of proving that a will is the Last Will and Testament of a deceased person. This process also confirms the appointment of an Executor - the person legally responsible for settling the estate.

Does ClearEstate help with filing probate to the court?

Yes - we file the probate forms in your name, and if additional petitions are required we can also support you through our professionals

How do we ensure that we get independant legal advice?

We are not a law firm but we do work with a network of licensed legal professionals across Canada that help us draft wills and POAs. They will be outsourced by CE to draft the required documentation. Should you need independent legal advice for a specific matter, we can put you in touch with one of these legal professionals. Please note that our liability for any third party advice is limited as per our Terms of Use.

What happens during a free consultation?

We offer a thirty minute free consultation with our estate experts. They will review your situation and make suggestions for the best path forward. It is a free consultation so you can choose to proceed with our services afterwards if you believe they are a good value or you can take the advice/information and go forward on your own

How is ClearEstate different than my lawyer?

Through our platform and our team of professionals, we are able to lessen the administration hours and therefore save the estate from large settlement costs (incl legal fees). We also help you navigate the entire estate settlement process from beginning to end.

What does the automated fill in process consist of?

Using the information you provide, we can automatically fill the petition for probate and ancillary documents. We can also prepare the required notification to the government agencies.

Do I need prior knowledge in estate settlement?

At ClearEstate we understand that a vast amount of people are going through this experience for the first time. Thus, it is not necessary for you to have prior experience because we created our services based on the fact that most people are inexperienced in Estate Settlements.

What languages do we serve in?

We serve in English and French

What exactly is an estate specialist and what qualifications do they have ?

We have a team of estate administrators, lawyers and accountants to handle all of your needs, as well as developers who have built a series of tools to support estate settlement.