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From easy-to-use estate settlement tools and our online beneficiary portal to our team of dedicated estate professionals and executor coaches, ClearEstate’s settlement process is simple, transparent, and offers peace of mind to executors and beneficiaries alike.

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Probate Application.

The probate process ensures that assets are transferred according to the last will and testament of the deceased. It is the most important part of the estate settlement process, and can be complicated. ClearEstate simplifies the probate process and provides you and your loved ones with closure and transparency throughout. Our team of trusted estate settlement professionals will help you take inventory of the estate’s assets and expertly prepare all the paperwork required for the application. An estate attorney will then review the probate application and upon your approval, ClearEstate will submit it.

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Automated form filling and activity log.

Settling an estate requires filing forms and keeping detailed records throughout the process. ClearEstate simplifies this process. Our online estate settlement platform features document autofill and easy one-click form submissions for all forms, and an estate activity log that tracks what’s been submitted and what is still pending – offering you control and transparency every step of the way.

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Settling an estate means lawyers, accountants, trust services, repetitive paperwork, a lot of time and a lot of money. Or, ClearEstate.

We're a team of estate settlement professionals who have harnessed technology to make it work for you. We've got lawyers, notaries, and accountants galore; but on an only-when-you-actually-need-them basis.

  • Probate Applications
  • Final and Estate taxes
  • Late taxes and dual citizenship
  • Assets liquidation

We actually do the work lawyers tell you to do, for a transparent and affordable flat rate.

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Clear Estate’s centralized estate settlement dashboard, accesible on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone.

Executor Companion Tool

The estate settlement process varies from across jurisdictions, and requires that the right documents are filed in the right order at the right times. ClearEstate’s executor companion tools offer you a clear overview of the process, guiding you through each step of your estate settlement journey. Estate executors can access the estate settlement dashboard from their desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, and stay organized throughout – wherever they may be.

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Clear Estate’s real-time assets and liabilities inventory dashboard, to simplify the estate planning and execution processes.

Inventory of assets and liabilities.

Establishing an overview of all assets and liabilities is a crucial step in the estate settlement process, but it could be difficult to get full and accurate insight into your loved one’s entire estate. ClearEstate’s inventory service helps track assets and debts, and offers executors and beneficiaries alike a precise and up-to-date financial portrait of the estate. This includes cash, real estate, bank accounts, holdings, life insurance, pensions plans, and all other assets.

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Beneficiary portal.

Being the executor of an estate also means communicating with beneficiaries about their inheritance, managing their expectations, and overseeing the transfer of assets. After all, an estate is not settled overnight.

Our beneficiary portal offers complete transparency to beneficiaries, streamlining communication with estate executors, and reducing potential disputes along the way. From a detailed summary of estate assets to a complete record of all communications, ClearEstate’s beneficiary portal provides a complete overview of the estate settlement process, ensuring that it is a seamless one.

Clear Estate’s beneficiary portal allows beneficiaries to view the progress of the settlement.
  • Cost estimates and inheritance calculator

    Estate settlement fees can pile up if not properly managed. ClearEstate simplifies this process by providing up-to-date reports on estate settlement costs, helping you keep track of all fees, expenses, and probate taxes. Using the latest fee structures and tax calculations from your jurisdiction, we provide you with an accurate overview of how the estate is being split up.

  • Closing the estate.

    Properly closing your loved one’s estate will help prevent any legal or tax complications in the future. ClearEstate will guide you through every step of the estate settlement process, including liquidating assets, distributing funds, and ultimately, closing the estate. Our mission is to ensure that your loved one’s estate is properly settled, and that you receive the closure you deserve.

  • Centralized communications

    Keeping detailed records of all communications is important and prevents misunderstandings or legal disputes. ClearEstate consolidates all your communications with estate executors, professionals, and beneficiaries into a single dashboard. Timely communication and transparency will help streamline the estate settlement process, and save you time and money.

  • Where there's a Will (or not), there's a way

    Dying without a will poses a challenge to the estate settlement process, but Clear Estate has you covered. Whether there is a valid will or not, Clear Estate will help settle your loved one’s estate efficiently and professionally. Our team of estate administrators will work directly with the estate executor and will first determine whether the estate must undergo the probate process and in which jurisdiction.

  • Clear Distribution plan

    A clear plan for distributing assets simplifies the final stages of the estate settlement process, and prevents potential disputes between beneficiaries and estate executors. ClearEstate will ensure that you have a transparent distribution plan based on the estate’s will and your jurisdiction. The settlement of any asset or liability is automatically tracked through our platform.

  • Digital Documents Vault

    Keeping a consolidated record of assets, liabilities, and forms throughout the estate settlement process saves you time and money, and prevents disputes between stakeholders. ClearEstate’s digital document vault keeps detailed records of every asset, liability, and beneficiary, where only authorized users, including estate executors and beneficiaries, can access the records relevant to them.

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"Working with ClearEstate has helped me so much. I felt at a complete loss when it came to all the paperwork and they accompanied me through it and made it feel easy."
Kimberley J., Estate Executrix, Saskatchewan
"Thank you so much for your help. It takes a big weight off my shoulders. I’ve really appreciated your help and Thandy did a great job."
Robert E., Estate Administrator, Ontario
"We see so much usefulness in this platform - elegant, focused on the families, and a great vehicle for us to extend our offering and build long term relationships"
Todd L., Funeral Home Owner, Saskatchewan

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does estate settlement take to complete from start to finish?

It depends on several factors such as the complexity of the estate, the types of assets and the diligence of the executor, but it's safe to assume that the whole process will take between 12 and 18 months.

Do I have to pay before we start?

For most services, we get paid by the estate, as a creditor of the estate. Once we have received the grant of probate, we start liquidating the assets and paying the creditors.

Can I speak to a real person or an accountant about my case?

Absolutely! We're a one-stop shop for everything estate settlement. In fact, you can book a free consultation with an Estate Specialist right now: book a free consultation.

Does ClearEstate provide legal advice?

ClearEstate does not provide legal advice. We are an estate settlement solution and we may call on legal or accounting professionals to guide you on an only-when-you-need-it basis. Why should you pay north of $250 per hour to have a lawyer fill out forms?