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ClearEstate Expands to Fourth U.S. Market, Offering Texas Residents Game Changing Estate Settlement Services

Adds to the company’s current U.S. presence in California, Arizona and Nevada

Posted on April 21, 2022
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TEXAS, USA - April 21, 2022 - ClearEstate, the leading tech company of estate professionals dedicated to alleviating the procedural and emotional burdens of estate planning and settlement, today announced that it has further expanded its U.S. presence by offering dynamic solutions to all Texas residents, with the ultimate goal of expanding nationwide. As a result, Texas estate executors and/or individuals can now count on ClearEstate’s team of estate professionals to settle their estate in a quicker, easier and more transparent way, while significantly reducing costs.

Using a people-centric approach, ClearEstate’s cutting edge technology handles the tedious and redundant tasks involved in the estate settlement processes, allowing those dealing with the passing of a loved one to focus on the grieving process. ClearEstate democratizes the process, offering total transparency and clear direction during each step. Professionals of ClearEstate efficiently deal with the settlement of the estate during the troubling times and empowers the estate executor throughout the whole process.

“Our ClearEstate team is quickly expanding across the U.S. and we are looking forward to offering our services with Texas residents and other upcoming markets,” said Alex Gauthier, Chief OperatingOfficer at ClearEstate. “Losing a loved one can be so devastating and we believe our compassion-first approach makes the estate settlement process an easier and overall a more manageable experience for those grieving.”

Using ClearEstate, estate executors can save up to 120 hours of their personal time and as much as $8,500 in a variety of fees thanks to the guidance of ClearEstate professionals and its powerful, easy to use platform. Executors are reassured that they are being accommodated with all the necessary documentation and information being correctly completed and filed based on their own individual needs. Customers can feel at ease that their settlement will be handled no matter the size of their estate. Beneficiaries of the estate also have full transparency to the estate settlement process, minimizing any confusion or frustration.

In the expansion of ClearEstate, Texas is the fourth U.S. market to be served following California, Arizona and Nevada, backed by a $13.25M Series A funding round. Compared to the same time last year, Q1 of 2022 has shown a 700% growth for the company and revenues have grown 14 times. Plans to launch in Florida, New York and New Jersey are also underway, allowing more Americans access to the empathic-based services and online platform.

Estate settlement planning packages start at $2,495 for executors or estate representatives in need of a better solution for settling an estate and increased support throughout the entire process. ClearEstate also offers estate planning and Professional Executor services that can assist one in getting their affairs in order.

About ClearEstate

ClearEstate offers technology-enabled services, designed to handle all your estate planning and settlement needs. No matter the size of the estate to be settled, their team of estate professionals use transparency and empathy to alleviate the procedural and emotional burdens of estate planning and settlement. Since 2020, ClearEstate has handled the heavy responsibilities facing estate executors to help guide them through the entire process, including probate, as efficiently as possible.

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