Partner with ClearEstate for expert, tech-enabled estate planning & settlement services.

Differentiate your selling proposition, add a new revenue stream and increase your national market share by enhancing your life insurance product with a revolutionary, tech-enabled approach to planning and settling estates.

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ClearEstate is an independent, digitally-enhanced estate & trust solutions provider that acts as an extension of your services.

We empower insurance advisors to initiate legacy planning and end-of-life conversations and accompany clients on their journey from estate planning through to settlement, all while remaining an integral part of the process every step of the way.

ClearEstate will provide expert guidance and implementation of your client's estate plan, including Will, POAs, trusts and advanced estate planning needs and Professional Executor services. When the times comes to settle the estate, ClearEstate does all the work to relieve the burden from the family.

As an Advisor, you remain an integral part of the process every step of the way.


Build Your Business

  • Gain visibility into wealth beyond traditional financial assets (real property, art, personal belongings, etc.)
  • Retain assets with an independent estate and trust services provider that is not affiliated with any wealth offerings or financial institutions
  • Improve retention of client assets post-death, through continued investment management mandate (Power of Attorney, estate administration and/or trust management)
  • Deepen relationships with clients by facilitating end-of-life conversations and remaining involved in the process from start to finish
  • Expand your network and acquire new assets to manage by making connections with your clients' family and/or beneficiaries
  • No conflicting experts involved in your clients' estate planning or administration process

Add value for your clients

  • Stand out by offering a full suite of industry-leading estate and trust services

  • Give an exclusive 10% discount on ClearEstate services to your clients

  • Deliver customer service excellence; your clients’ experience is our #1 priority

Don’t risk letting your clients find their trust solutions elsewhere.

Insurance Advisors choose ClearEstate.

Don't miss our insightful conversation with a fellow Insurance Advisor where he shares his personal journey of estate planning with ClearEstate. He shares his reasons for selecting ClearEstate for his own estate planning needs and discusses the value ClearEstate will bring to his clients in their estate planning journeys.

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FAQs about ClearEstate

What is ClearEstate?

ClearEstate is a tech company that offers a one-stop-shop platform for estate planning and settlement. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to offer flat-fee plans for estate planning and settlement at a fraction of the cost of the traditional routes. Our estate planning services include expert guidance and implementation of Wills, POAs, trusts, planning for advanced needs, and Professional Executor services. Our estate settlement services include filing for probate, assets & liabilities inventory, terminal and clearance tax filings, and Estate Representative services.

What jurisdictions does ClearEstate serve?

We support all Canadian provinces coast to coast, as well as some jurisdictions in the United States including California, Arizona, Nevada, New York, Tennessee and Texas.

Who’s behind ClearEstate?

We're proud to be backed by prominent Canadian institutional investor, OMERS Ventures, launchpad Diagram, which is backed by one of the largest Fintech funds in the world, Portag3 and NA Ventures, the venture capital arm of the National Bank of Canada.

Who’s already working with ClearEstate?

ClearEstate has signed partnership agreements with iA Private Wealth, IG Wealth Management and Concentra Trust (a part of EQ Bank).

Who's on the ClearEstate team?

The ClearEstate team is composed of dedicated estate professionals, trust officers, paralegals, wills & estate attorneys, estate and tax accountants who combined have decades of professional experience helping and serving clients in all matters related to estate planning and estate settlement.

How is ClearEstate’s information secured?

ClearEstate’s backend uses bank-level encryption technology and two-factor authentication to ensure your sensitive data is always secured and remains secured.

What does ClearEstate not offer?

ClearEstate does not offer legal advice (i.e. Litigation) and financial advice.

For most cases, legal advice won't be required. However, if during the 30-minute free consultation we identify a complex need in your client's situation, we can connect them with the relevant professional.

FAQs about partnering with ClearEstate

What is the benefit to my client if I partner with ClearEstate?

By partnering with ClearEstate, any clients you refer will be entitled to an exclusive 10% discount on any estate planning or estate settlement plan.

What resources are available to me if I partner with ClearEstate?

We'll provide you with a number of marketing materials that will help you promote ClearEstate to your clients (co-branded if desired) such as booklets, rack cards, social media images, digital estate planning or estate settlement checklists, whitepapers, etc. We will also provide you with a dedicated web page where your clients can book a consultation with ClearEstate, or where you can book a consultation on their behalf.

We'll also equip you with all the information you need to confidently recommend our services to your clients, like a value proposition "quick guide" and client qualification guidelines.

How do I talk to my clients about ClearEstate?

In the context of insurance planning or renewal consultations with your clients, it is an opportune moment to segue into a discussion about estate planning. These meetings typically revolve around crucial matters like safeguarding the client's family, assets, and legacy. The existing dialogue creates a natural transition to discuss ClearEstate's offerings. Ensuring a coherent alignment between the client's estate planning documents and their financial strategies is of paramount importance. Emphasizing this during the conversation could enhance the client's understanding and acceptance of comprehensive financial protection.

How do I refer a client to ClearEstate?

Simply go to your advisor landing page (provided to you by ClearEstate) and click "Refer a Client". From there you will be able to select a date and time for your client to meet with us (yourself included - if you and your client prefer), and provide us with relevant preliminary information about the scope of the meeting.

FAQs about our services

What happens after I refer a client to ClearEstate?

When you refer a client to ClearEstate, your client will first have a free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation with one of our Estate Solution Advisors. During that conversation, we'll ask questions to better understand your client's needs and we'll recommend suitable service options. If your client chooses to purchase a service plan, we will then schedule a kick-off call to start the estate planning or administration process with them.

See the estate planning service client journey and timeline here.

See the estate settlement service client journey and timeline here.

As an Advisor, can I take part in the meetings between ClearEstate and my client?

Yes. With your client's permission, you can include yourself in their free consultation and their kick-off meeting. You will remain part of the process and there will be no conflicting wealth expert involved.

As an Advisor, can I access my client's ClearEstate account in the online platform?

Yes. As long as the client consents to share this information with you, an advisor will be able to have "view only" access to the client's ClearEstate portal.

How does ClearEstate offer Professional Executor services?

ClearEstate works with a fiduciary partner that is qualified to act in the jurisdiction. The fiduciary partner is appointed as estate representative and takes on the fiduciary responsibilities. ClearEstate is appointed as agent to the estate representative. We carry out the burden of administration at no additional cost to our clients.

Where can I find information about ClearEstate's plans and pricing?

We provide transparent pricing details on our website. You can find them here:

Estate planning package pricing

Estate settlement package pricing

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