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For executors or estate representatives seeking support with probate.

$ 2,748

Included in this plan:

  • Probate application prepared for submission to court
  • Professional guidance and support up to grant of probate
  • Two (2) virtual signature notarizations
  • 24/7 online portal access
  • Online chat support


For executors or estate representatives seeking support with probate and final tax filings.

$ 3,948

Everything in Essential, plus...

  • Tax filings: ClearEstate prepares standard final tax returns
  • Terminal T1
  • First Estate T3


ClearEstate and trust partner do all the work to settle the estate, for your total peace of mind.

1 % of fair market value of estate assets

ClearEstate's fee: 1% of fair market value of the estate assets as of date of death, subject to a minimum fee of $15,000.

How does ClearEstate compare to the alternatives?
Lawyers and other professionals often charge standard executor compensation; 5% of the fair market value of the estate assets. Trust companies typically offer tiered fee schedules starting around 4% with minimums in the range of $25,000. These providers typically also engage other professionals like lawyers and accountants at an additional cost to the estate.

Everything in Complete, plus..

  • ClearEstate’s trust partner acts as estate representative, while ClearEstate acts as agent, to professionally manage the estate settlement*
  • ClearEstate carries out entire estate administration process, typically 200+ hours over 12-24 months
  • ClearEstate handles all communications with beneficiaries and 3rd parties
  • Up to (10) virtual signature notarizations
  • Discovery of assets and liabilities
  • Data entry of all estate information
  • Facilitate set up of estate bank account
  • Facilitate liquidation of assets

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Pricing option:
Pas de testament ou pour un homologation complexe

Additional $650

Additional $650

Additional $650

Any fees payable for services rendered to other professionals, such as appraisers, property managers, etc., and all estate expenses such as court filing fees, probate fees, etc. are not included. Some estates are more complicated to settle, such as where there are business interests, trusts, multi-jurisdictions, or where legislation requires the services of an attorney. In such cases, it may be necessary to engage other professional services at an additional cost to the estate.

*Professional plan is subject to review and approval of ClearEstate's fiduciary partner. Estates
must be solvent and free from claims in order to qualify.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does estate settlement take to complete from start to finish?

It depends on several factors such as the complexity of the estate, the types of assets and the diligence of the executor, but it's safe to assume that the whole process will take between 12 and 18 months.

Do I have to pay before we start?

For most services, we get paid by the estate, as a creditor of the estate. Once we have received the grant of probate, we start liquidating the assets and paying the creditors.

Can I speak to a real person or an accountant about my case?

Absolutely! We're a one-stop shop for everything estate settlement. In fact, you can book a free consultation with an Estate Specialist right now: Book a free consultation.

Does ClearEstate provide legal advice?

ClearEstate does not provide legal advice. We are an estate settlement solution and we may call on legal or accounting professionals to guide you on an only-when-you-need-it basis. Why should you pay north of $250 per hour to have a lawyer fill out forms?