Will Witness Requirements in Florida

What are the Florida Will Witness Requirements?

The rules for being a witness to a will in Florida are not very complex, and the requirements have been eased due to the the COVID-19 pandemic.

Estate executor requirements in Florida

What are the requirements to be an estate executor in Florida?

Being an estate executor is a big responsibility. Here are the requirements for being an executor in Florida.

Difference Between a Traditional and a Military Will in California

What You Need to Know About Creating a Military Estate Plan in California

For military members, proper estate planning needs to include specific military benefits. Read on to find out more.

New York Inheritance Tax Estate Tax

Does New York have an inheritance tax or an estate tax?

Although New York has an estate tax, it does not have an inheritance tax. Read on to learn the difference between the two and what the estate tax in New York is.

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What is a residuary estate?

Anything that’s left over after all taxes and debt have been paid is known as a residuary estate.

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What does “per stirpes” mean?

Per stirpes is a useful tool that ensures that assets are properly distributed, even if the original beneficiary has unexpectedly passed.

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Is My Arizona Will Valid in Another State?

A legally binding will is valid across state lines, but a major life change like a move warrants an update to your will.

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What Are the Requirements of Creating a Legal Will in Alberta?

There are a couple of non-negotiables when creating a legally binding will in Alberta. We'll break it down for you.