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Who to Notify First After a Death

We’re here to help you navigate the days and months to come and take as much off your plate as possible.

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Here’s why estate settlements need an overhaul

ClearEstate can help you save a significant amount of money while also assisting you during every step of the way in the settlement process.

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What are the attorney fees for going through probate in California?

The larger the estate, the larger an attorney’s compensation will be.

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When are Executor Fees Paid?

An estate executor is often compensated for their time and efforts, and that compensation is usually set forth in the will and is paid out by the estate.

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Consenting to Becoming an Estate Executor in California

An estate executor is an individual who has been assigned the role of managing the distribution of financial assets of an estate’s assets.

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What to consider before becoming an estate executor

Estate settlement may be straightforward under simpler, more fortunate circumstances. However, in certain cases, it may turn into a long and painstaking process.

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How to Avoid Taxes on Executor Fees

Settling an estate involves a good deal of paperwork, time, and patience.

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How to Assess the Value of Personal Property for Probate

We’ll explain how to determine the value of personal items that must go through probate in California.