The best gift you can give your loved ones is a well-planned estate.

Estate planning

It always feels too early to plan ahead, until it's too late. Our estate professionals will provide transparent, one-on-one support to help you set your affairs in order. When at need, your estate executor will be able to call on us to guide them on the best path to estate settlement. A planned estate can cut the average time to distribution by 6 months and save tens of thousands of dollars!

Clear Estate’s personalized estate planning software

Personalized Estate Plan.

We help you plan, organize and securely store information tied to your estate, making the process so much easier on your executor.

vault icon with ID string

ClearEstate Vault ID.

Our secure Vault ID allows executors to access their loved one's estate plan in minutes, saving them days of digging for information.


If you have a will and a simple to somewhat complex estate and you are looking to get your affairs in order by putting an estate plan together.


If you have a somewhat complex estate and you are looking to get your affairs in order by putting an estate plan together and getting your will and power of attorney documents prepared.


If you are looking for everything in the complete package and to name ClearEstate as your neutral 3rd party estate professional as the executor of your estate.


Pricing - Setup Fees:

Set up fees - individual




Set up fees - Couple




Pricing - Annual Fees:

Annual Fees - Individual




Annual Fees - Couple




Planning Services Included

Dedicated Estate Professional
Review of information and documents to store

1x hour session

Up to 3x hour sessions

Up to 3x hour sessions

Guidance & recommendation on executor appointment
Estate Inventory
Will document prepared and stored in ClearEstate registry once executed
Power of Attorneys for Property and Personal Care prepared and stored in registry once executed
Affidavit of execution of will
Mailed Paper Version of your Estate Plan
30 minutes touchpoint sessions per year with your Estate Professional



Stored Original Will, POAs and affidavits
Complex needs (private corporations, complex distribution, multiple jurisdictions, inter-vivos Trusts, etc.)

Customized Add-On $

Customized Add-On $

Online Tools Included:

Estate Planning Online Tool
Estate Planning Overview Dashboard
Online Family Tree
Digital Distribution & Liquidiation Plan
Estate Digital Vault (Financial Accounts, Profiles, Passwords, Cloud Storage Access etc.)
Online Access and Live support for your Executor or Power of Attorney for when the time comes

Corporate Executor

ClearEstate named as your corporate executor for your future estate settlement.*

*Premium Estate Settlement Service will be binded to the planning service. Please visit our settlement packages details for more info.

*Some estates are more complicated to settle than others. This is often the case when a trust has been established or if the property of the deceased is located in more than one jurisdiction or includes equity in a corporation, partnership or other legal body. If further to our review we believe that settling the estate requires additional, specific or more sophisticated professional services, we will mention it to you and we will suggest that you retain the services of third party professionals in order to settle the estate. We understand that you may however prefer that we continue to handle the settling of the estate for you. If that is the case, we will retain the services of professionals to address those specific issues. Additional fees will then apply. For more information, see our privacy policy and terms of use.

Settling an estate means lawyers, accountants, trust services, repetitive paperwork, a lot of time and a lot of money. Or, ClearEstate.

All our estate plans include our base estate settlement package. Our professionals have harnessed technology to make this process a breeze. We've got lawyers, notaries, and accountants galore; but on an only-when-you-actually-need-them basis.

  • Probate applications
  • Terminal and Estate tax returns
  • Late taxes and dual citizenship
  • Foreign assets liquidation
  • End-to-end guidance

We actually do the work lawyers tell you to do.

Talk to an Expert
Executor coaching as part of your estate planning

Executor Coaching.

Our team of estate professionals can provide guidance in your selection of an estate executor and provide coaching as part of your estate plan.

Clear Estate’s real-time assets and liabilities inventory dashboard, to simplify the estate planning and execution processes.

Real-time Inventory of Assets & Liabilities.

We connect to your financial institutions to maintain a real-time inventory of your assets and liabilities.

Clear Estate’s dashboard with a visual representation of your estate’s distribution plan.

A Clear and Visual Distribution Plan.

Once we have completed an inventory of your estate, we are able to provide a visual representation of your distribution plan, according to your wishes.

Clear Estate gives you 24/7 access to your estate plan.

Unlimited Updates to your Plan.

Our team will conduct an annual review of your estate plan and you have 24/7 access to your estate plan.