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Naming a loved one as executor of your estate is a great honour, but it can also be a heavy burden. An executor must navigate probate, take inventory of the estate, settle debts, distribute assets, and deal with lawyers and accountants, often without any prior experience or guidance.

A professional executor* alleviates the burden placed on loved ones by acting as a neutral third-party expert, sparing them from untold amounts of stress, while saving your estate thousands of dollars in fees.

Name a professional executor* to administer your estate and benefit from:

• End-to-end estate planning and settlement services provided by industry-leading experts

• Thousands of dollars worth of savings in settlement fees

• Objective and transparent communication with beneficiaries


Spare your loved ones from countless hours of work, allowing them to take their time to grieve

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Estate planning services include:

• Estate inventory

• Wills and codicils

• Power of Attorney

• Healthcare directives

• Final arrangements

• Dedicated estate professional

• Stored Original Will, POAs and affidavits

• 24/7 access and unlimited updates

Online tools included:

• Dedicated estate specialist

• Secure digital vault

• Estate overview dashboard

• Real-time inventory of assets and liabilities

• Family tree

• Visual distribution plan

• Beneficiaries portal

When the time comes, ClearEstate's trust partner will handle your estate, saving your estate thousands of dollars in legal and accounting fees, and sparing your loved ones from the complicated and stressful work of settling the estate.

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Professional Executor

Name ClearEstate's fiduciary partner as executor and ClearEstate as agent to professionally manage your estate.

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$ 4,548

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Pricing - Annual Fees:
Professional Executor
Annual Fees - Individual


Annual Fees - Couple


*Professional plans require your appointment of Natcan Trust Company,
a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada, as your executor.

Subject to approval by the buy-now-pay-later financing provider. Certain conditions apply.
Some estates are more complicated to settle than others. This is often the case when a trust has been established or if the property of the deceased is located in more than one jurisdiction or includes equity in a corporation, partnership or other legal body. If further to our review we believe that settling the estate requires additional, specific or more sophisticated professional services, we will mention it to you and we will suggest that you retain the services of third-party professionals in order to settle the estate. We understand that you may however prefer that we continue to handle the settling of the estate for you. If that is the case, we will retain the services of professionals to address those specific issues. Additional fees will then apply. For more information, see our privacy policy and terms of use.
For professional executors, a fee of 1% of the estate fair market value (minimum $7,188 and maximum of $100,000) will be charged and, for any ongoing trusts, an annual fee of 0.75% of the estate fair market value annually (minimum $1,500).