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What assets are not included in probate?

In some provinces, the executor might even need to provide a list of assets from the estate to the probate court before they can even apply for probate.

Young couple and estate administrator Advising about settlement

Estate Settlement 101

If you’ve just found out that you’ve been named an estate executor, you probably have a lot of questions. First off, let’s discuss what it means to settle an estate.

Couple Executing Will

How to Execute a Will

The estate executor will be responsible for carrying out the will’s instructions and overseeing the distribution of an estate’s assets. Here's what you need to know

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Probate Fees in Ontario

There are simply some costs you won’t be able to avoid if you’re going through probate: Probate fees.

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Executor Fees in Ontario

Generally, an estate executor in Ontario gets paid 5% of the estate’s value. Read more below!

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How to avoid probate fees in Ontario

Going through probate in order to settle their estate when someone dies can be a frustrating, long, and costly process.

Innovative estate planning

ClearEstate: A Simple Solution for Difficult Times

Ingenuity and empathy are in the foreground as a sophisticated new platform helps grieving families save time, money and energy

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How to Apply for Probate

The rules for probate application may be different from one province or territory to the next. This what you need to know!