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Mar 31 Webinar

WATCH: Probate Planning — What to consider NOW to reduce or avoid probate

Free on-demand webinar about how you can reduce the impact of probate with thoughtful planning

Changes to ontario SLRA 2022

What's New in Ontario's Probate Laws for 2022?

Ontario’s Succession Law Reform Act determines how wills and estates are executed. Here are the new changes for 2022.

Ontario Probate Timeline

How Long Does Probate Take In Ontario?

Generally, most estates take between 6 to 8 weeks to finish probate in Ontario. However, some cases can even take months or years...read on to find out more.

Expressing condolences

How To Express Condolences For The Loss Of A Loved One

When your friend or family member loses someone, what can you do to support them?

First dealings exemption

What is the First Dealings Exemption in Ontario?

The First Dealings Exemption in Ontario can help qualified real estate properties skip probate. Here’s what you need to know.

Solace Cremation

Direct Cremation: Why It Might Be The Right Choice For You

The last send-off that we give our loved ones is a vital part of the grieving process.

Clear Estate poll shows estate settlement among lifes most difficult tasks

Exclusive: ClearEstate poll shows estate settlement among “life’s most difficult tasks”

Maru Public Opinion asked over 1500 Americans about their expectations of estate settlement and the challenges faced by executors.

How to write a will ontario

How To Write A Legal Will In Ontario

Writing your will is an important step, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Here's how to do it right in Ontario and the differences between legal wills.