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How to post a notice to creditors

How to post a notice to creditors in newspapers during probate

Notifying creditors of a death is one of the first step you need to take as an estate administrator, here's how to do it;

How to sell a car as an executor

How does an executor sell a car?

Selling a car belonging to someone who is deceased can be tricky, in this post we outline how an executor will sell a car belonging to the deceased.

Estate tax deductible expenses

What estate expenses are tax deductible?

Settling an estate can get expensive pretty quickly. Here’s what you need to know about tax-deductible estate expenses.

What happens if the estate executor passes away

What happens when an executor of an estate dies?

An executor plays a pivotal role in the estate settlement process. When they die before the testator or while probate is ongoing, the settlement process can be delayed.

How to find estate assets

How to find estate assets as an executor

Part of an estate executor’s job is to create an inventory of all assets belonging to the estate. Here’s what you need to know.

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Patagonia Trust Analysis: Values Driven or Money Driven?

Patagonia leveraged a key trust initiative to realize tax breaks and, more importantly, use these advantages to further its vision.

What if no one wants to be the executor

What if no one wants to be the executor of an estate?

Being an estate executor is a tough but necessary job. But when no one is willing to take on the role, there are a couple of alternatives available.


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