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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning your Estate in British Columbia

Estate planning is a complex process that many people avoid. It can be unpleasant to focus on the thought of you not being around someday, but doing so is essential.

Estate Executor Planning

The Ultimate Estate Executor’s Checklist

Have you recently been named an estate executor? Our ultimate estate executor checklist will help you through the estate settlement process.

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Do I need an estate planning lawyer to write my will in California?

Preparing a will and engaging in estate planning activities may not be the most pleasant of tasks.

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A Complete Guide to the Probate Process in Ontario

Read our complete guide on the probate process in Ontario. Featuring fees, way to avoid probate, and more.

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Estate Planning: Why is it so important?

Estate planning has a number of benefits, saving your family both time and money. Here is why estate planning is so important.

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What Happens to My Military Pension When I Die?

Following the death of an individual, their survivors and dependents are left facing difficult financial questions.

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WATCH: 5 Things You Should Know as a First-Time Estate Executor

Free on-demand workshop teaches you about your role as an estate executor, what probate is all about, & where you can turn to for help with the estate settlement process.

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Breaking News: Canada Doubles Bereavement Leave for Workers

A bipartisan initiative increases the amount of time to mourn the loss of a loved one