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Avoid Probate CAL min

How To Avoid Probate in California

To avoid probate in California, a person must use legal tools to ensure their property is not solely owned in their individual name. Here are ways you can avoid probate.

California probate fees

Probate Fees California

Probate fees in California are determined by probate code 10810, read on to discover the costs associated with filing for Probate in California.

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How To Obtain A Death Certificate In California

When someone in California dies, their family members must obtain a death certificate from their local county recorders office. Learn how to do so here!

Do i need a probate lawyer in california

Do I Need A Lawyer To Probate A Will In California?

While a lawyer is not needed to probate a will in California, it still is recommended to get professional help to guide you through this complex process.

Miitary wills vs traditional wills

What's the Difference Between a Traditional and a Military Will in California?

While the purpose of a will remains the same both in a traditional and in a military context, a military will allows for more flexibility and fewer restrictions.

Difference Between a Traditional and a Military Will in California

What You Need to Know About Creating a Military Estate Plan in California

For military members, proper estate planning needs to include specific military benefits. Read on to find out more.

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Do I need an estate planning lawyer to write my will in California?

Preparing a will and engaging in estate planning activities may not be the most pleasant of tasks.

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What Happens to My Military Pension When I Die?

Following the death of an individual, their survivors and dependents are left facing difficult financial questions.