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Letters of administration new york

The administrators guide to Letters of Administration in New York State

Obtaining a letter of administration is one of the first steps an administrator should take when probating a will in New York state.

Letters of testamentary new york

The executors guide to letters of testamentary in New York

Obtaining a letter of testamentary from the surrogate court is the key to initiating the probate process. In this post, we will discuss what are they and how to get them.

NYC Probate

The 7 stages of the probate process in New York

The probate process in New York can be confusing and lengthy. In this post, we walk you through the entire probate process in 7 simple stages.

New York Estate Tax Exemption

New York Estate Tax Exemption 2022

New York estate tax laws have changed significantly over the past few years, and continually change every year. Find out what these changes mean for you!

Assets subject to probate in new york

What assets are subject to probate in New York state?

Valuing assets is an essential part in Probate - But how do you know which ones to include? In this post we show you which assets are subject or exempt to probate in NYS.

New york executor fees

How Do I Calculate My Executors Fee In New York?

The executors fee in New York is calculated by the size of the estate, and can vary if there are co-executors. Read on to see the breakdown of calculating executor fees.

Probate New York

Everything you need to know about New York estate laws

We understand how arduous the probate process can be, because of this - we've created this total guide to probate to help you administer an estate.

When write a will 1

Writing Your Last Will & Testament In New York

Writing a will is not something you should put off. Here’s what you need to know to create a legally binding will as soon as possible.