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What are the probate examiners notes and how do I clear them?

Tasked with reviewing your probate documents, probate examiners create summaries of deficiencies in your probate case. Here's what you need to know about probate notes:

How long does probate take in California

How long does probate take in California in 2022?

Probate can be an unnerving process. We’ve written up a quick summary of how long it typically takes in California.

Letters of administration florida

How to obtain letters of administration in Florida

Letters of administration are needed when a decedent died without a will in Florida. In this post, we break down all you need to know about a letter of administration.

Probate forms florida

Probate Forms Needed in Florida + (PDF's)

Getting ready to settle a loved one’s estate involves a large amount of form filling. This post outlines all the probate forms you will need in Florida.

Summary administration florida

Everything You Need to Know About Summary Administration in Florida

Understanding what summary administration is, and if you are eligible for it, can be complex. Here is a brief review of summary admin to make your next steps clearer.

DIY Probate

DIY Probate: How to Probate a Will Without a Lawyer

Skipping the lawyers fees may sound intriguing, but probate may be harder than you think...if you're up for it - we'll guide you through to probating a will yourself.

How to file a decedents tax return

The Executor’s Guide to Filing the Decedent’s Tax Returns

Feeling overwhelmed by the tax return filings of a deceased loved one? In this post, we walk you through the entire estate tax return process.

How to sell a car as an executor

How does an executor sell a car?

Selling a car belonging to someone who is deceased can be tricky, in this post we outline how an executor will sell a car belonging to the deceased.