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ClearEstate is Officially a C.A.R.P. Partner

With ClearEstate becoming an official C.A.R.P. partner, you can rest assured that you’re getting the very best service, vetted by an organization known for putting retired persons’ interests first.

Posted on March 1, 2022
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About C.A.R.P.

C.A.R.P., formerly known as the Canadian Association for Retired Persons, is a Canadian advocacy group that has emerged as the leading voice for Canadians over the age of 45. With over 320,000 members, the organization fights for better healthcare, financial security for seniors, and raises awareness about social issues like ageism and old-age loneliness.

Some key successes in C.A.R.P.’s history have been increasing Canada’s Pension Plan (CPP), securing $3 billion in homecare funding, and successfully advocating for an extra $1,000 a year for Canada’s poorest seniors.

ClearEstate and C.A.R.P. Join Forces

By entering into a partnership with C.A.R.P., ClearEstate will be able to offer its expertise to a wider network of Canadians who are looking for empathetic, competent, and affordable estate settlement and planning services. All C.A.R.P. partners are carefully vetted and bestowed with the C.A.R.P. seal, indicating a level of professionalism and excellence required by C.A.R.P.

To qualify as a partner, C.A.R.P. does a thorough review of customer satisfaction policies to ensure that the seal continues to stand for trust and efficiency.

Exclusive Benefits for C.A.R.P. Members

But being part of C.A.R.P. doesn’t just bestow a seal of approval that thousands of Canadian seniors can rely on when choosing the best services for themselves: C.A.R.P. members can now also enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts when choosing to work with ClearEstate.

C.A.R.P. members can get $200 off any Estate Settlement Package or $100 off any Estate Planning package.
So whether Canada’s seniors are looking for professional guidance on how to ensure that their fortune isn’t eaten up by fees and taxes, or need help settling the estate of a loved one after they passed, ClearEstate is here to help, at a fraction of the cost that lawyers and accountants charge.

ClearEstate is changing the way estates are planned and settled by putting everything required — every step, form, meeting, and estate professional — all in one place. With professional estate experts available to chat at any time, and with user-friendly online tools that make form-filling and submitting a piece of cake, ClearEstate wants to make sure people are empowered to make the decisions that are best for themselves and their families.

Got questions about our new C.A.R.P. membership or anything else relating to estate matters? Get in touch today for a free consultation to learn more.