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#MeetTheClearCrewMondays: Elza Leclerc, UX/UI Designer

Get to know a bit more about our brilliant employees of ClearEstate! Starting off with Elza Leclerc, our UX/UI Designer!

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Who you are:

I’m an artist who studied business and landed in the tech industry. I find joy in creating, whether this means cooking a great meal, painting, making a garden or simply trying something new. Curiosity is my biggest strength and learning is my obsession.

What you do at ClearEstate:

I’m the User Experience and Interface Designer. I design the platform and research ways to optimize it in order to make it as easy to use as possible.

Fun fact about yourself:

I have a funny memory: I can sing the entire lyrics of a song but can never remember the name of the song, nor the artist who interprets it.

See you next Monday for our newest edition of #MeetTheClearCrewMondays !!!

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