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#MeetTheClearCrewMondays: Gabrielle Shaw, Office Manager

Get to know this week's featured #ClearCrew member, Gabrielle Shaw, Office Manager

Gabrielle Blog

Who you are:

My name is Gabrielle, and I have a Bachelors in Sociology. The appeal to pursue a career in this field came from my strong interest in people. I love gaining different outlooks through human interactions and picking up an introspective reflection after the fact. I think people are fascinating in their own ways of being. I also love to be active and enjoy a nice glass of white wine on weekends.

What you do at ClearEstate:

I'm the office manager at ClearEstate; My role (I would say) is better described as a "Chaos Coordinator" (I think it has a nice ring to it). I am part of the HR department (best team ever!) I coordinate travel arrangements, event planning, external communications to potential suppliers and etc. And tasks related to "employee experience" extends to me as well which I enjoy a lot.

Fun fact about yourself:

If it's a sunny day (regardless of the weather) I'm outside walking FOR SURE. The sun has a profound positive effect on my mood - gotta take advantage of it whenever you can right?!

See you next Monday for our newest edition of #MeetTheClearCrewMondays and feel free to check out last week's edition here!!!

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