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WATCH: Probate Planning — What to consider NOW to reduce or avoid probate

Free on-demand webinar about how you can reduce the impact of probate with thoughtful planning

Mar 31 Webinar

Probate is an often misunderstood part of settling an estate, and it can make an already difficult time even more challenging for grieving loved ones.

We’re here to demystify probate and show you when and how it does and doesn’t apply. And we'll explain how with thoughtful planning, the impact of probate can be significantly reduced or even avoided altogether.

What we'll cover in this workshop:

  • What is probate and what’s involved in the process
  • When and how probate does or doesn't apply
  • How thoughtful planning can reduce or even avoid probate
  • Common missteps in planning, or failing to plan for probate
  • What support is available to you and your loved ones

...and much more.

Below you'll find a recording of the workshop that you can watch any time that's convenient for you. Have a watch, and if you have any questions and want to speak to an expert estate professional, don't hesitate to book a free consultation.

Watch On-demand: Probate Planning — What to consider NOW to reduce or avoid probate

Presented by:

Sara Hillier, TEP, MTI
Director, Estate Solutions & Partnerships

Safiyya Vankalwala, Senior Estate Professional
Ontario Regional Lead

There were two polls conducted during the webinar which are not viewable in the video. The results of the polls are:

Question 1: Yes 54% | No 18% | not sure 28%
Question 2: Yes 77% | No 8% | not sure 15%

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