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Hi there! Here at ClearEstate, we want to change the way estates are settled. Settling an estate can take months and cost thousands of dollars, thereby making an emotionally taxing process even more difficult for estate executors. To make matters worse, executors are often left to their own devices and forced to figure it out as they go. We know there’s a better way.

By creating a tech-enabled, end-to-end solution for estate settlements, we want to disrupt the inefficient status-quo and empower independent executors by automating administrative tasks, reducing the amount of time spent by licensed professionals in order to save costs, and educating executors and beneficiaries in order to create more transparency throughout the whole process.

In the next 25 years, we’re expecting to see the largest wealth transfer in history. Now is the time for the digital revolution in estate executing, and we’re excited about pioneering this charge.

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ClearEstate wants to help manage the largest wealth transfer in human history, starting with changing the way estates are settled.

Facts & figures

Within the next 25 years, we’re expecting to see the largest transfer of wealth in history. And yet, most estate executors are woefully unprepared for what lies ahead.

~ $12,000

Average fees for settling an estate


Average value of an estate

6-18 mo

Average time needed to settle an estate

400+ hrs

Administrative work required


Of executors report being unaware that they were named


Of executors report “little to no awareness” of the role


Of estate executors have never discussed the assets of an estate with the estate holder before their death