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Portfolio Estate Planning Calculator

Uncover the Financial Impact of Estate Planning on Your Portfolio

Calculate The Benefits of Planning With Your Portfolio

Calculate The Benefits of Planning With Your Portfolio

Potential AUM Increase


Based on 74% asset share.

Equivalent Households

0 households

Based on your average account size.

Policy Opportunities

0 policies

Potential Annual Insurance Revenue


Our Portfolio Estate Planning Calculator is designed to help you clearly visualize and quantify the potential financial benefits of incorporating estate planning into your service offerings.

By entering simple data about your client's portfolio, you can immediately see how estate planning could increase AUM, generate new insurance opportunities, and enhance your client relationships.

Key Outputs Explained

  • Potential AUM increase: Based upon based on what is found to be the average advisor's share of a client's investible assets (74%). ClearEstate discovers ALL assets during our planning process
  • Equivalent households: Based on your average account size, consolidating additional client investible assets discovered by planning with ClearEstate, would be you an equivalent AUM increase to signing this many new clients
  • Policy Ops/Revenue: 25% of estate planners wind up asking their advisor about insurance during, or after the planning process. Based on an average 1.5 policies per household (a mixture of individuals a couples). Estimated signing ratio of 50% @ $2000 per policy.