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How Prepaying for your Funeral Arrangements Can Save you Thousands

By using a service like ours to pre-pay, you can provide peace of mind and reduce the financial burden to your family.


Planning ahead can benefit you and your loved ones, especially when it comes to making arrangements for end-of-life. Oftentimes, when someone passes away, the bereaved are left to make decisions concerning funeral arrangements during a time that could be spent caring for themselves and mourning their loss.

That's why taking the time to put your wishes for end of life in writing and pre-paying for your desired funeral arrangements can end up saving you and your loved ones thousands of dollars. In Canada, the average funeral can cost between $5,000-$15,000, which to many families is an overwhelming amount of money to spend in the wake of an unexpected loss. Often, funeral arrangements are paid for out of pocket, as funds from the estate can take time to be paid out.

At Eirene, we believe that everyone deserves a dignified and respectful funeral. Our mission is to help families start conversations around end-of-life wishes and plan ahead. As part of that, we offer the ability for families to pre-pay for their cremation or aquamation through our funeral prepaid packages. By using a service like ours to pre-pay, you can provide peace of mind and reduce the financial burden to your family.

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How Prepayment Works

Pre-paying for a cremation differs from life insurance in that while the beneficiary of your life insurance policy can use some of those funds to pay for funeral expenses, insurance policy funds are generally intended for costs related to everyday life.

When you pre-arrange your cremation, the money you set aside is paid immediately to the funeral provider for the package price you locked in upon signing. Any leftover funds are then handed over to your designated beneficiaries.

So why pre-pay? Well, the cost of cremation and funeral arrangements have nearly doubled over the last ten years — and show no signs of slowing down. When you take the time to pre-pay for a cremation, it allows you to lock in today’s arrangement prices. Which also helps you avoid the sometimes pushy and ambiguous sales tactics employed by funeral homes.

For those of you who are intrigued by the idea of pre-paying, below is an example of how prearrangement services are facilitated through a platform like Eirene.

Step 1
: Enter some vital details through the online arrangement platform, and sign the documentation needed for your final arrangements. Not comfortable with technology? You can pre-arrange over the phone, too.

Step 2
: From here, you will be connected to our insurance partner, where you can purchase your funeral insurance safely and securely. You can pay upfront, or in instalments.

Step 3
: Following your purchase of funeral insurance, you will complete and sign the documentation needed for your final arrangements. This process is done entirely online and easy to navigate.

Step 4
: When you or your loved one passes, your coverage is confirmed, and the cremation is arranged at the original price that was guaranteed upon the purchase of your policy. Your policy is paid out to your service provider within 48 hours to pay for the final arrangements.

When our loved ones don’t take the time to plan for a funeral, cremation, or set aside a funeral fund, the burden of making funeral arrangements often falls on grieving family members. However, taking the time to pre-plan and pre-pay for your funeral helps protect your family from unexpected expenses and difficult decisions.

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