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#MeetTheClearCrewMondays: Guy Miller, Business Operation Analyst

Get to know this week's featured #ClearCrew member, Guy Miller, Business Operation Analyst

Blog Guy

Who you are:

In 2020, I graduated from McGill with a BComm., majoring in strategic management and a concentration in finance. Since graduating, I have lived in British Columbia for two winters, spending lots of time in the mountains skiing on resort and in the backcountry. For the past year, I have been working at ClearEstate in Business Operations.

What you do at ClearEstate:

I am a Business Operations Analyst...which admittedly is a catch-all term. While the role evolves daily, I tend to spend my time split between operations consulting, investor relations, and exploring partnerships for growth.

Fun fact about yourself:

In the past three years, I have taught myself how to play guitar (mostly electric) with some hefty support from the YouTube community.

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