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The ultimate Valentine’s Day activity? Planning your estate together

Why not do things a little bit differently this year and give your partner the greatest gift of love: A well-planned estate

Blog image Valentins Day 2023

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you might have started thinking about what to get your significant other. A home-cooked candlelight dinner, perhaps? A nice cologne or perfume? Or the classic combo of flowers and chocolates? While these are all tried and true gifts that are sure to be appreciated by your partner, there’s something to be said about getting creative on a day marked by cliché. In our minds, there are fewer true expressions of love than the commitment to planning your life together. So why not do things a little bit differently this year and give your partner the greatest gift of love: A well-planned estate.

Hear us out: We know that estate planning doesn’t exactly scream “romance.” But if you and your partner are truly in it for the long haul, then at some point it will be time to talk about how you’d like to plan your future together, including your financial one. While it may sound uncomfortable at first, it’s important to establish things such as: Who is going to be the executor of your estate? How will you plan for your loved ones' financial security after you're gone? And have you discussed who would be in charge of your financial and medical decisions in case you find yourself incapacitated and unable to advocate for yourself?

This might sound like heavy stuff, but the peace of mind you’ll have from knowing that you and your loved one are taken care of, no matter what, is priceless. People often report that the stress and trauma associated with the death of a loved one are amplified when those who are left behind must deal with a bureaucratic mess, unsure whether they’ll even have something to remember their loved ones by when everything is done.

Ensuring that all loose ends are tied up and that your loved ones will have everything they need and more, even when you’re not there to physically take care of them anymore, is a gift that your loved ones will cherish throughout all the highs and lows of life.

An estate plan allows you and your partner to assess your financial situation, devise strategies so that your wealth is preserved for future generations, and protect your loved ones from dealing with complex estate settlement dilemmas in the aftermath of a death. This can include naming beneficiaries on investment and banking accounts, making funeral arrangements in a will, and determining who will be gifted your personal belongings. But the sky’s the limit when it comes to devising ways to show your partner they’re cared for, even when you’re no longer physically there. There’s the heartwarming story of a doting husband who arranged for his wife to receive a bouquet of roses every Valentine’s Day, even after his death. There are many creative ways to ensure that your partner will always feel the love you have for them.

Creating an estate plan doesn’t have to be scary, stressful, or annoying. ClearEstate helps you and your loved ones develop an estate plan that’s tailored directly to your needs and wishes, and ensures all your loved ones are taken care of. Together, we can create a plan that’s easily accessed by you and your loved ones at any time and which can be updated as needed. So this Valentine’s Day, why don’t you and your partner light some candles, pop open that bottle of Malbec, and create your perfect estate plan together? Personally, we can’t think of anything more romantic than that.

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