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Probate Fees in BC Explained - A 2023 Cost Guide

Set by the probate fee act of British Columbia, probate fees range from 0.06 to 1.4% of the estate's value - in this post, we break down the probate fee structure in BC.

Probate Fees in BC

Key Takeaways on Probate Fees in BC:

  • British Columbia uses a tiered structure for probate fees.
  • No probate fees for estates under $25,000.
  • Estates between $25,001 and $50,000: Charged 0.6% of their value.
  • Estates over $50,001: Charged 1.4% of their value.

There are 2 things certain in life:

Death, and taxes.

In British Columbia, when someone passes away, these two certainties meet in the form of probate fees.

Probate is the legal process of settling someone's estate after their death, and it comes with its own costs, known in BC as probate fees.

These fees are a type of tax on the deceased person’s estate and are set by the PROBATE FEE ACT [SBC 1999] CHAPTER 4. The administrator of the estate initially pays these fees, but are reimbursed by the estate.

In British Columbia, the probate fee structure is tiered based on the estate's value. For estates valued up to $25,000, there are no probate fees. For those between $25,001 and $50,000, a probate fee of 0.6% applies. And for estates valued over $50,001, the applicable probate fee increases to 1.4%.

Understanding Probate Fees in British Columbia

Here's a clear breakdown of the tiered Probate fee structure in BC:

  • For Estates Valued up to $25,000: No probate fees are required.

  • Estates Between $25,001 and $50,000: These estates are subject to a modest probate fee of 0.6% of the estates value.

  • Estates Over $50,001: For estates exceeding $50,001, the probate fee is set at 1.4% of the estates value.

The Probate Fee Act is current as of 2023-11-01

Composition of an Estate's Value

The value of the estate is comprised of the following:

  • real estate and tangible personal property that is located in British Columbia
  • intangible personal property that is located anywhere in the world, if the deceased was ordinarily resident in British Columbia.

If the deceased was not ordinarily resident in British Columbia, then only intangible personal property located in British Columbia is included in the value of the estate.


The probate fee is applied to the total gross value of the estate assets - there are no deductions.

Our BC Probate Fee Calculator

To streamline your probate fee calculations in British Columbia, our engineering team has developed an easy-to-use BC Probate Fee Calculator.

Just input the estate's value, and it will instantly provide an accurate estimate of the applicable probate fees. This tool is designed to offer clarity and ease in navigating the financial aspects of estate administration.

Additional Costs Associated with Probate in BC

The court charges several fees to process the estate. The estate administrator should be mindful that aside from the court probate fees, there are also more costs to probate - which include:

Fee TypeDescriptionAmount
Probate Application FeeBasic application filing fee for estates valued over $25,000


Court Certified Document Copy

Per court certified copy of grant of probate or other documents


Executor FeeTypically up to 5% of the estate's gross valueUp to 5% of the estate value
Legal FeesFees for legal services related to the probate processVaries
Accountant's FeesFees for accounting services ex: terminal tax returnVaries

Payment and Purpose of Probate Fees

Probate fees are an integral part of the estate administration process. They are not just a formality but serve a specific purpose in the legal system. Let's delve into how these fees are collected and why they are important.

When Are Probate Fees Paid in British Columbia?

Payable to the Minister of Finance of British Columbia, the payment of these fees is mandatory before the court issues a grant of probate. This grant is a legal document that confirms the executor's authority to deal with the deceased's estate.

Why Are Probate Fees Necessary?

Probate fees serve several purposes:

  1. Legal Validation: They are essential for validating the will and the executor's role. This legal acknowledgment is crucial for managing the estate's assets, paying debts, and distributing the remaining assets to beneficiaries.

  2. Administrative Costs: These fees help cover the costs associated with the administration of estates. This includes court personnel, processing documents, and other administrative expenses.

  3. Public Records: Payment of probate fees ensures that the probate process is recorded in public records. This provides transparency and a legal framework for dealing with any disputes or claims against the estate.

  4. Regulatory Compliance: By paying these fees, the executor demonstrates compliance with provincial laws and regulations, ensuring that the estate is managed and distributed according to legal standards.

While probate fees might seem like an additional burden during a challenging time, they play a critical role in the orderly and legal transfer of assets, ensuring that the deceased's wishes are honoured and legal obligations are met.

Navigating Probate Fees in British Columbia

In facing life’s inevitabilities, it is the clarity and support during estate settlement that can make all the difference. In British Columbia, probate fees are a statutory part of this journey, and understanding their tiered structure is key to a transparent and fair process.

With no fees on estates under $25,000 and a clear scale up to 1.4% for larger estates, it’s essential to approach this with a trusted partner who can navigate these waters with precision. Our BC Probate Fee Calculator is a testament to our commitment to providing you with the resources you need, ensuring that the legal and financial complexities of settling your loved one’s estate are managed with care and expertise.

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