What is the Saskatchewan Probate Timeline?

To start, the executor of the estate must apply for probate. Once the court approves a grant of probate, the probate process begins.

Posted on October 8, 2021 by Alex Gauthier
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When an individual dies in Saskatchewan, the probate court uses their will to distribute their assets accordingly. Assets with direct beneficiaries, like life insurance policies, usually skip the probate process. However, anything that doesn’t name direct beneficiaries has to go through probate.

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What Are the Steps in the Probate Process?

To start, the executor of the estate must apply for probate. Once the court approves a grant of probate, the probate process begins.

The executor must submit the will to the probate court. Once the will is validated and the executor is authorized to carry out their duties, they must find the decedent's assets and determine their value so they can determine the value of the estate. They'll notify people about the individual's death, then find the names and contact information of everyone listed in the will. They'll also notify the Public Trustee if the individual has any dependents entitled to part of the estate.

Next, the executor needs to file taxes and pay the necessary probate fees. The estate holder still has to file a tax return after they pass away, and it's the executor's job to file taxes on their behalf. They'll also have to pay any outstanding debt. Typically, the executor uses funds from the estate to pay these fees.

If the estate has outstanding debts, the executor notifies the creditors and tells them that they have to respond by a certain date. Any creditors who don't respond within the time frame have no claim over the estate. This can prevent creditors from taking legal action later.

Generally, probate can take several weeks to months to complete. Any beneficiaries should be prepared to wait several weeks before they get their assets.

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